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IRONIC - The Whining, Handwringing, BS

Given the amount of black swan feces in the air, I reviewed December 2015's Issues of Peak Picks to get some perspective on where we were at that time, relative to now.

So item by item we have Nova Gold (picked a cousin as a reco this week), having ramped from U$D 3.50 to $ 7.00 (Twice), so there were good times to exit in profit.      


MUX everyone's fav was in the 90 Cent area all Dec 2015 when we RECCO'd it, and while it did not make U$D 5.00, it did spend fair amount of time above $4.00, good profits for those who acted upon the RECCO's in a timely manner.  In this case, my SELL SIGNAL (across the board on PM stocks) of July 7 2016, was at about

$4.40 MUX, a reasonable profit since Dec 2015.  


RICHMONT, RIC another favorite was busy getting the snot beat out of it, down in the low U$D 3.00's when we RECCO'd it Dec 11.   True to form for a stock everyone loved, it ran to the 11's twice before dropping back.   The best I could do was call for an exit Jul 7, in the high 9's, so that particular call left about $1.00 on the table.  Not perfect !


WELLGREEN PLATINUM, WG.To, developing an open pit PMG group in Northern Yukon was a bit of stretch at C$ 0.21, but it ran into the 60's over the year, only giving ground down to the 50's so far this year.   By far a call I really enjoyed making.


Using RYDEX Precious Metals Funds as a measure we found it was #30 on Dec 11,  and 150 on Aug 17, a 5 bagger as to RYDEX assets invested in Precious Metals, and now it sits at 75, having given up half of the gain from last year.  Again, prudent exits, made a lot of money.  Yes, feasible Exit Tactics Exist.


Where does that leave off?    Well, we are either up by 100% or down by 50%(half) depending on when and where we got in and/or out.  By my recollection, things have again degraded by bushels of swan feces, perhaps up to our ankles, so I expect further advances in the amount of value both given by, and put into, SILVER, GOLD, MINERS and Precious Metals stocks.  Given that, I have done my best to FIND A WAY.


  So depending on how you reconoiter this landscape, you either step up or step back.

               Is there a way to take advantage of both moves without exluding one ?


THERE are Two ways.   One is about GOING IN; the other about GETTING OUT.


WHY isn't it being done ?  Because if it goes public everyone will do it ?  NO, it requires ATTENTION and NERVE.   That alone will weed out 90% of the "wannaberich"s.

Half those remaining will be disqualified by the lack of patience, discipline and savvy.

THREE WAYS right here you can do it:


  PEAK PICKS Weekly $money back if your not satisifed.

PEAK PICKS Monthly Review $money back if your not satisified. (Review rec's all sell alerts).

DGS Updates & Alerts Group (free) - sign up on site.(alerts issue once paid subscribers are notified).


What are the drawbacks of this arrangement ? 


1/  You must pay attention to your email or ck this site daily.  

2/  You must act when Either BUYS or SELLS are issued.

3/  You must NOT jump the gun and execute before signals are issued.

4/  You cannot be easily shaken or be intimidated by "The Crowd" or what others are doing or saying.

NO, I never said it was easy, oh lord no.  I cannot tell you all the moments I have had of soul-searching.  Making my list and checking thrice !  Enuf to drive a man to drink for sure.  Just make sure its Johnie Walker BLACK or better, thats my story and I am sticking to it.   I think I am at an end here, wish you all GREAT HOLIDAYS




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