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Well some days you have to ask yourself if some where things belong in this puzzle we call life.  Here, at the bottom consolidation of The Silver Inventory Pool of the Royal Canadian Mint (MNT.To) there is a surge in accumulating volume (OBV) as yet unexplained by any other circustances we know of.  That by itself really bodes for nothing.  However if we start to collect little bits and pieces of data maybe seemingly



unrelated or otherwise (,HL,NEM,AG,gpl,SAND,JNUG,GDX,MNS.TO,$SILVER,SIL,SILJ|B|

we may attempt some correlations, maybe.  The question I'd ask here, is since MNS.To ETR's can be exchaned for physical silver, WHY ?  WHY would it show a climb in claimable physical silver if the price is so hum-drum and uninspiring ??  And yet, to a one, the silver miners are holding the line quite stoutly, in this chart melange.  So if Silver is NO STORY, why bother socking away claims on it for 30 days out?  That is what it takes to notify the Mint your coming for your physical's delivery.   A Non-Story right?  I elect to wait and see, but with a bit of suspicion, as to why in this time of supposed PM Weakness, is silver not playing right ?   To me, sites like this

leave me uneasy that Silver is selling 1.50 higher in Shanghai, and gold $30 higher, than London.   How long before the West neuters itself this way, a slow bleed of both metals to the Shaghai exchange.  You KNOW its going to be delivered because they shoot or hang people for financial fraud in China, unlike the WEST where they are rewarded.  Are their more clues?  Yes I am sure if you seek you will find.  Right now this smells like old fish, so I retain my right to a robust skepticism about the health of "The System".

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