Indeed this is the kind of chart that invites pulling your hair out trying to figure whether its going to turn or fake you out, again. Is it hiccup or hesitation like a “stutter-step” from a swivel-hipped running back or will it turn out to be the fullback dive that opens the way to a ramp-up into a resumption of the Bull Run ?


This is one of the momentum views of what is happening in Breadth slice of the Precious Metals Sector so far in September. I am publishing my take on it in The Golden Mean / Peak Picks as of Sept 21. Sign up........



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FEB 24, 2017

Week of Feb 13(Mon)

PEAK PICKS UPLOAD Feb 17, 2017 now in subscriber section.


JNUG is now sold pending new buy signals.

Both ETF's, ERY (energy derviative of XLE) and EXL (financial derviative of XLF) have approahed our sell thresholds and look as if they need to be sold.  For that reason I am OUT of them and advise you may follow suit as fits your risk profile.  1 PM 13 Feb, 2017

In the simplest terms, this measures how many Gold & Silver Stocks are positive, that is in positive trends.   Basically  we are almost halfway to a full Bottom To Top Cycle of the $BPGDM.  Especially when compared to last year, when we see a significant correction from a slightly higher level than we are currently upon.  So, whether logical or not, using this Model we could reasonably expect to grind higher Climbing the Wall of Worry, until confidence gets strong enuf for the GoldBugz to become complacent and over confident, upon which signal a Correction will begin.  Are We There Yet ?  No I think we could be a wee bit early which is why I took precautionary steps this week.  I like to be too early.  Like the Rothschilds.

GROUND HOG WEEK ending Feb 3, 2017

     What happens here, is the Longer Term Trend stays intact without interruption, even as local corrections even out strong advances.   As long as the uptrend maintains, LONG is the right side, and UP is the Trend.

Basically I am looking at a basing or uptrend forming here.  My position is LONG.

Inauguration Week


 I find this call by the Gold ::Paper ratio very satisfying in that it is not a complex chart, rather straight forward in its use.

It called the turn in the GDX right out.

It remains to see if it will turn out as well as last years calls we made, but we are happy with this one.

There is a lot more info to publish, but Keeping It Simple is our #1 Method, while achieving profits is our #1 GOAL.  Sign on and get the info First, and take our Epiphany Discount gift to do it, with no risk since we will refund  your Monthly subscription any month you are not satisfied with our work.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  SIMPLE !


      Luck is with you for 2017.  Until Epiphany, Jan 6, 2017, you will be able to join our crew for the last years price, USD 37.97 instead of $42.97, as a salute to our readers and group members.   Here is the LINK   


   If you have any questions about what we are holding or our current stance, please contact me.  Have a Happy and Safe New Years !!



SO, did you pick TRUMP to win the PREZ, back in De 2015 ?

While I thought about it and thought it wishful thinking, it brought us to this point.

Did you think, in April of 2016 that Donald Trump had a hope in hell of ever securing the Nomination for President?  Again, I hoped, but not more.  In June of 2016, did anyone think he could defeat all others for the Presidency ? Maybe so, but not certain.  In September did you think he could win?  There is someone who thought that all along.  Did we listen?  Did we have "white noise" interfering in that message?  I beleive the answer is YES !!


    IF we see THE MARKET as a discounting mechanism, as postulated by RHEA and HAMILTION of DOW JONES THEORY writings then we realize they looked at the market to discount economic conditions 6-9 mo's in advance, and in exteme cases, 3 mo's at the shortest, and likely 12 mo's at the outside, then this applies HERE, In My Opinion.  So true that the FED's Short term meddling has given so many reason to suspect it alone was the cause of this rise.  HOWEVER, if you also beleive that the old cliche "BUY The RUMOR &  SELL The NEWS", do we not have this as a set-up, upon retrospective reflection?

     IF the "collective consciousness" of the market, KNEW that TRUMP would be elected, 

then the RUMOR would have been just that, but not labelled as such but none the less, happening, but misidentified as FED Meddling.  SHORT term the FED was involved, but in my opinion in the longer term the TRUMP become PRESIDENT was the ground swell under it.

     Thats my story and I am sticking to it, as I find NO other plausible explaination for the current situation.   So by Jan 20 it ought to be clear if the General Markets like the DOW will sell off now that the NEWS is OUT.

      TAKEAWAY ?  Stay alert for a break in the General markets, rather than a stealth sell off.  As to Silver, Gold, PM's and their stocks, I think you can reverse the directions.  I don't know if the GDX will stay in sell off much longer, due to the Bottoming nature of how it looks now, but again , its to be monitored.  The balance being keeping an eye on BOTH in the run up to Jan 20, 2017.








New blog post

Well some days you have to ask yourself if some where things belong in this puzzle we call life.  Here, at the bottom consolidation of The Silver Inventory Pool of the Royal Canadian Mint (MNT.To) there is a surge in accumulating volume (OBV) as yet unexplained by any other circustances we know of.  That by itself really bodes for nothing.  However if we start to collect little bits and pieces of data maybe seemingly



unrelated or otherwise (,HL,NEM,AG,gpl,SAND,JNUG,GDX,MNS.TO,$SILVER,SIL,SILJ|B|

we may attempt some correlations, maybe.  The question I'd ask here, is since MNS.To ETR's can be exchaned for physical silver, WHY ?  WHY would it show a climb in claimable physical silver if the price is so hum-drum and uninspiring ??  And yet, to a one, the silver miners are holding the line quite stoutly, in this chart melange.  So if Silver is NO STORY, why bother socking away claims on it for 30 days out?  That is what it takes to notify the Mint your coming for your physical's delivery.   A Non-Story right?  I elect to wait and see, but with a bit of suspicion, as to why in this time of supposed PM Weakness, is silver not playing right ?   To me, sites like this

leave me uneasy that Silver is selling 1.50 higher in Shanghai, and gold $30 higher, than London.   How long before the West neuters itself this way, a slow bleed of both metals to the Shaghai exchange.  You KNOW its going to be delivered because they shoot or hang people for financial fraud in China, unlike the WEST where they are rewarded.  Are their more clues?  Yes I am sure if you seek you will find.  Right now this smells like old fish, so I retain my right to a robust skepticism about the health of "The System".


New blog post

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Technical Analysis for PM's,  Unplugged  & Understandable


First Majestic (AG / FR.To) produced 4.5 Mil oz of silver this year, and sells it on its website.  So First Majestic stock, is in fact backed by that production, year in, year out.

Metal Backed Assets

 Royal Canadian Mint, mints, stores and processes Silver and Gold products including coinage.  Their Metal Inventory is Held in both a Gold and a Silver ETR, traded on the Toronto Exchange, redeemable at the Mint, MNT.To and SBT/Un.To.

DataDriven Selection

Private tools based on market data we use to make decisions, unique to DGS.

SWC Takeover DEC 9, 2016


Here is another successful Take Over Pick.

This morning SIBANYE GOLD bid a package worth about U$D 18 for SWC, which on

Dec 3, subscribers read in PEAK PICKS,


"....palladium to the upside, SWC seems in on it, so I like it here."   So for what it is worth, again we exit SWC in anticipation of SIBANYE's successful acquistion of SWC.  Earlier RECCO's included 9/16; 9/22; and 9/30, for the 2nd Qtr of 2016.


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STOCK of the WEEK week ending DEC 9


   Certainly  a "Ring Leader" of my usual suspects, I consider First Majestic a Key Stock.  Last year at this time AG started out under U$D 4.00 and ran to a subsequent high of $19.15 in August, uninterupted since Mid Jan 2016.  Subject to all the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, it perserves, and is alway getting twitchy, as the PM's gather base and strength for their next move.

I have always liked this stock, and see that it has set a bottom of about $8.00 for us to observe.

No more need for me to add anything, plenty of others will.  I like it.



INformation contained is for instructional & educational purposes only. Investors are responsible for their own decisions & due diligence. Publisher or associates may have positions in these stocks Copyright 2016 Denaliguide , all rights reserved.


  STOCK  OF THE WEEK.  WEEK ending Dec 2 

Of interest here, is that for about 2 weeks, persistent weakness in both Gold Metal and GDX ETF, has been overcome by AKG in establishing an upward trend, the lower panel being the relative strength relative to the GOLD METAL.

So is this a "Stock of the Week" ?  YES, I'd say, as off its bottom here, and we can watch its strength and trend,  first by watching MACD, shown @   STOCKCHARTS FREE CHARTS

  Another one for your watch list, as it is on my list of "usual suspects".



INformation contained is for instructional & educational purposes only. Investors are responsible for their own decisions & due diligence. Publisher or associates may have positions in these stocks Copyright 2016 Denaliguide , all rights reserved.